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23 July 2010 @ 02:20 pm
Challenge 065 - Little Love Hearts - O P E N  

Little Love Hearts

This weeks challenge is all about hearts-
and the getting the shape into an icon!

by grain_de_beaute by rabidline by rainbowishes
by crazydd by that_was_cheesy by flymyprettys

This challenge will focus on heart shapes! :D

Challenge Rules:
-For this challenge you may use any cap which fits the challenge topic.
-Your icons must a heart of some description.
-You can submit up to four icons.
-Some icon samples have been provided above.
-Icons must be received by Thursday, July 29th at 6pm GMT.
-If you have ANY questions about an icon and if it's ok PLEASE ask.

Picture Galleries and sources:
Magical Screencaps
Disney Dreams
Mickey and Minnie

How to Enter Icons:
When you enter an icon make sure you post the icon as well as the direct link.



Please make sure you read the community rules before joining. All regular rules apply.
-All icons must be 100x100 pixels
-All icons must be brand new for this contest
-You may use any image which fits the challenge topic
-All text, brushes, blends and bases are fine
-Animation is not allowed
-Winners will be nominated at wd_awards
-Winners will be placed in our winners showcase
-Past and upcoming challenges can be found here
-If you would like to make a challenge suggestion please comment here
-Have fun!

Icons Entered: 00