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26 July 2010 @ 11:30 pm
LIMS ROUND 5 - Challenge 001 - RESULTS  

Toy Story 3 - RESULTS

Hi there everyone!
It looks like our first challenge for LIMS Round 5
is all done and dusted at long last.
Sadly we did not get as many votes as I had hoped,
but I would like to thank each individual who
did stop and take the time to place their votes.
Here are your results --

LIMS ROUND 5 - Challenge 001 - RESULTS



Eliminated, but saved by their skip:

-04 points
buzz lightyear
-04 points
-04 points
jack skellington
-03 points


people's choice [tie] :
jim hawkins
02 points
people's choice [tie] :
02 points
mods choice :

Mods Choice: I was incredibly surprised to see this icon
get voted out as a least favourite- but I suppose that's
just the way it goes. I absolutely love the bright colours
and your far away cropping. It's such a clean, beautiful icon! ♥

All of the icons were simply lovely.
Congratulations to the winners!
All banners will be posted
at the end of the round when
alias' have been revealed.

Voting Tally:

If you would like the comments for your icon,
leave a comment to this post with your alias name or icon number.
You can find your icon number over here

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