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Grande Disney

An inspiring Disney icontest & lims community

grande disney
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an inspiring disney icontest & lims community

These are some of our most recent winners.

♥ This is an lj community that allows you to take part in various Disney related contests.
There ought to always be something to do and hopefully this should cater to all interests.

♥ The following will explain the rules and contest information but if there are any questions
then please comment to this post.

♥ Finally, we want to know exactly what it is you are interested in and the sorts of themes
you might like in the community so please, feel free to post your suggestions in this post.

♥ To take part in any contest please first join the community.

♥ All submissions entered in the contests must be your own work.

♥ You submissions must not be posted anywhere else prior to results being posted.

♥ When you vote you must not vote for yourself. This will result in a minus vote for your piece.

♥ Voting and entries will be anonymous. Please keep it that way.

♥ All icons must be 100x100 and fit lj standards. PNG, GIF or JPG format, please.

♥ Blends, text and brushes are allowed unless stated otherwise.

Have fun!

Regular Challenges
♥ Thursday: New contest is posted.
♥ Friday - Thursday: Entries are due.
♥ Friday - Saturday: Voting.
♥ Saturday: Winners are announced.

LIMS Challenges [two week period]
♥ First Monday: New challenge is posted.
♥ First Monday - Second Friday: Entries are due.
♥ Second Friday - Second Monday: Voting.
♥ Second Monday: Winners are announced.

♥ We have some wonderful individuals who have kindly agreed
to make banners for the regular contest winners.
I would like to give a special thank you and mention to these people:

rainbowishes and surmise

♥ If you would like to become a banner maker then please leave a comment to this post.

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♥ To become an affiliate please comment to this post.

♥ If you'd like to affiliate with us, we'd love for you to use this banner to do so:

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♥ For a list of all past and upcoming challenges click here.

♥ For a list of all winners, and to visit the winners showcase click here.